Dan LakePermaculture Design Certified RealtorRealtorSolar Energy November 19, 2020

Permaculture Design Certified Realtor in Monterey, CA

Dan Lake has multiple Permaculture Design Certifications (PDC) as part of his training in Ecological Design for his Master’s Program.   Permaculture is a design methodology from Australia that combines ancient indigenous wisdom with modern day farming and ethical concepts to create a vision and plan to meet peak oil.

Dan studied Urban Permaculture Design with the Urban Permaculture Institute of San Francisco, where he received his first Permaculture certification in 2012.  He then went on to be a farm intern and course facilitator for his second PDC at Sunrise Ranch in Colorado.  He has worked on one of the Nation’s oldest Biodynamic Farms in Tennessee and an organic Dairy Farm in Costa Rica.  Dan also worked as a PDC facilitator and photographer at the Sustainable Vocations for Youth course at Quail Springs Permaculture Research Institute in Cuyama, CA. 

Having previously worked as a solar installer, and currently working as a rain tank and vegetable garden manager, Dan Lake has a valuable skill set for people that want to live in harmony with nature.  He has an MSc in ‘Integrative Ecosocial Design,’ and brings practical ecological design science to Real Estate.